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Are you struggling to achieve a toned and contoured body?

To get the toned, slim and sculpted body you want, you need to burn fat and build muscle. However, even if you do both, you can still fall short of your body goals. EMSCULPT can bridge this gap. EMSCULPT helps you build muscle and burn fat in a single, very comfortable procedure, and it’s effective even in the most challenging areas like the abs and buttocks.

EMSCULPT can help:

  • Tone and improve your abs
  • Non-invasively lift the buttocks
  • Treat problem areas safely and effectively
  • No downtime

Let Werschler Aesthetics Revitalize Your Look

Werschler Aesthetics has assembled among the finest cosmetic care teams available, lead by world-renowned expert in medical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. William Werschler. Our goal is simple — to provide you with the finest and most effective treatments that deliver results and fit into the busiest and most demanding schedules. Whatever your cosmetic concerns, Werschler Aesthetics can provide you with single or combination treatments that give you maximum results, so you can get back to what’s most important — your life.

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EMSCULPT builds muscle, burns fat and helps you look great again fast

Weight loss alone doesn’t guarantee you the physique you want, even if you increase your muscle mass. Further, not all fat will respond to diet and exercise. You can also build muscle but still not reduce fat. However, EMSCULPT can help. With EMSCULPT, you can now get the physique you’ve been working hard for, quickly and easily.

EMSCULPT by BTL Can Sculpt Your Body

EMSCULPT uses using non-invasive, high-intensity focused magnetic energy (HIFEM) to induce thousands of supramaximal muscle contractions which grow muscle and burn fat simultaneously and effectively improve your body contours. Diet and exercise alone can’t provide these results.

Studies show the benefits you might have from EMSCULPT:

  • A nearly 19 percent decrease in fat
  • A nearly 16 percent increase in muscle mass
  • A nearly 11 percent improvement in Diastasis Recti (female patients)
  • Over 96 percent patient satisfaction

Werschler Aesthetics and EMSCULPT by BTL can give you the body you want today!

To learn more about EMSCULPT, call today and schedule your complimentary consultation. You can reach Werschler Aesthetics at 509-344-FACE. Don’t struggle any longer. If you want the sculpted body that has eluded you, you can have an EMSCULPT treatment today at Werschler Aesthetics.